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100 Miles To The Gallon? Not a Gas Guzzler - a Gas Sipper!

If the high price of gasoline has you worried, this car may be just what you're looking for. An entrepreneur in Virginia has developed a vehicle that can go 100 miles on just one gallon of gas. The Edison2 Very Light Car,  weighs just 830 pounds. It's so light, chief designer Ron Mathis can push the vehicle with his thumb. And not only is the car light, its sleek, aerodynamic design allows it to move at a pretty good clip down the highway. "It will run at about 120 (mph)," Mathis said. "It cruises very happily at about 85." The car is only a prototype, so amenities and other creature comforts will be built into later versions. The Edison2 isn't likely to ever have power windows or other power driven accessories that add weight and decrease fuel efficiency in cars. So at what point will American car buyers be willing to trade luxury for efficiency? "Right around the time gas hits five bucks a gallon, this is going to start to seem like a really good idea," says Mathis For more green ideas, visit www.onethingsacramento.com

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10/21/2010 3:41AM
100 Miles To The Gallon? Not a Gas Guzzler - a Gas Sipper!
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