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Recycling Bras - A Great Idea "Busting" Out Of Japan

Let’s face it. Underwear is one thing we never think of recycling, yet a new trend has started in Japan that may soon gain support (pun totally intended) with the rest of the world, namely, recycling bras into solid fuel. Yep - women in Japan are being encouraged to recycle their used bras to be converted into solid fuel for industrial use. Major Japanese underwear manufacturer Wacoal started a recycling program in 2008 where metals are removed from donated bras and remaining materials are converted into a type of fuel used for boilers and power generation facilities. The company said it has since collected enough bras produce 17.9 tons of the fuel - a collection of bras, the length of which, if hooked together, would be three times the height of Mt Everest!  Bras are typically made from fabrics and metal wiring, and their construction can make it difficult to separate component materials for recycling. Converting used bras into a fuel classified as “refuse paper and plastic fuel” (RPF) helps make use of fabric material that otherwise cannot be recycled. More good news – the cost of the bra-based fuel is about one-fourth that of coal, and demand for RPF is increasing. For more green ideas, visit www.onethingsacramento.com

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10/20/2011 4:23AM
Recycling Bras - A Great Idea "Busting" Out Of Japan
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