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A SRV Snubbing...

srv200The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame may be losing what little credibility it had.  In his second year of eligibility, Stevie Ray Vaughan has once again been passed over.  Seriously.  Nominated this year are KISS, LL Cool J, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Genesis, Jimmy Cliff, The Hollies, Laura Nyro, Donna Summer, ABBA, the Chantels and the Stooges.  The list of those NOT in the Hall is pretty amazing....  It includes Alice Cooper, John Mayall, Steve Miller, Chicago, Joan Baez, the Moody Blues, Peter, Paul and Mary, Rush, Journey, get the picture....

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09/23/2009 9:45AM
A SRV Snubbing...
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09/24/2009 6:34AM
I agree with Tom. I wanted to visit the Hall Of Fame but no way. I hope the bands that are not on their dont feel slighted.
09/24/2009 9:39AM
The R&R Hall of Fame is anything but! In their effort to please everyone (since when is Donna Summer and LL Cool J Rock 'n Roll) they appeal to no one! SRV reminded us how important the Blues is to R'nR and he alway gave credit to those Blues players that came before him. No one played with more passion than Stevie - he should have been a unanimous first ballot selection. There are thousands of frustrated guitar players thanks to Stevie's chops. He's one of the best ever!
09/25/2009 1:03AM
James Johnson
I couldn't agree more. Kiss may have had a few kitchie tunes (FEW), but them over SRV, Rush, etc? Whatever!
01/13/2010 3:03AM
Great post! keep them comin... thanks for all your hard work.
01/13/2010 8:19PM
Thank you so much, there aren't enough posts on this... keep up the good work
02/04/2010 7:57PM
Field Turf
Thanks for the great post! keep it coming ;)
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