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A Truly Weird State of Affairs

Well it's official. I have known it for years, but now it's really a matter of record. Florida is the weirdest state in the union. Several "experts" have decided that Florida took over the title from California around the time of the 2000 Presidential campaign. All those hanging chads. I lived in Florida for a total of 10 years. 2 in Miami and 8 in Key West. Florida defies  description..other than weird. Whenever that many senior citizens, New York transplants, Southern rednecks, Gays, Hippies, Cubans, Pirates, Scammers, Smugglers, Skinheads and professional political thieves get together something strange is bound to happen. Example: Living in Key West in the early 70s, and the Fire Chief gets arrested in an FBI sting for selling cocaine from his fire truck. The city manager is also busted and several other city officials go off to jail. It took about 5 years before the next group of thieves would take over. The kind of corruption I saw in Florida would embarass any third world country. The Sunshine State, currently under the Governorship of a convicted criminal, continues to be it's own little fifedom. They used to call California weird, well, say hello to Florida, the new champ...

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04/27/2011 9:52AM
A Truly Weird State of Affairs
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