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A couple of great ideas in the 60s.

 A Couple of great ideas came out of the 60s, and both were born in San Francisco. The San Francisco Bay Area is often cited as the center of the universe for the "hippie cultural revolution". San Francisco has always been a hip mix of new ideas, strange and sometimes cutting edge fashion, rebels, outlaws, people who just plumb run out of country. Once you get to the left coast, you pretty much have arrived. Bill Graham, the rock impressario who  made the brutul trip from Nazi Germany to freedom..would have been 80 years old this Saturday. He made his way to California, created the template for rock shows, and eventually lived like a king in the hills of Marin County. He brought some of the greatest musicians in the world, in all genres to a hungry audience. Monterey, The Fillmore Auditoriums, The world wide tour of bands like the Rolling Stones, all sprung from Bill and his Bay Area sensibilites. Happy Birthday Bill, you made my early years a hell of a lot more interesting. While Bill was promoting his shows, across the Bay, another great idea was taking form. Rolling Stone Magazine would hit the racks for the firt time in 1967. For me, a long way from SF and serving in the Air Force, Rolling Stone was better than a letter from home.  Jann Wenner, a student at Berkley at the time,  also celebrated his birthday this week, and the newspaper he started in San Francisco, above a print shop South of Market street, still holds up as a mirror to our culture. A couple of great ideas to come out of the Bay Area in the 60s, the Rock Concert, and The Music Magazine for a generation. Thanks Bill and Jann, and happy birthday, you gave us  a lot. Peace Out.

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01/03/2011 11:11AM
A couple of great ideas in the 60s.
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10/14/2011 9:40AM
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