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BBQ tips for the 4th

2632138944_72489f70de_mSo, the big Fourth of July party will be held at your place. Basking in the glory of being the grill master is the easy part. Paying for the party is the hard part. Meat, if you haven't noticed, is expensive. Luckily, you can get away with putting out a great spread without breaking the bank. You just have to know where to look for cheap meat. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when firing up the grill: 1. Buy in Bulk -- Always buy your meats in family packs. You get a much better deal and you can repackage leftovers into freezer bags. 2. Skewers -- Consider making skewers and use a bunch of (cheap) veggies. Dainty cubes of meat are much more reasonably priced than big slabs. 3. Fat Content -- Cheaper cuts of steak often grill better due to the fat content, so go with the 7- bone chuck steaks. 4. Cheat with Potatoes -- Always bake potatoes on the grill before your cuts of meat. You can fill your guests up on a baked potato so they don't chow down on your expensive meat.

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07/01/2009 6:40AM
BBQ tips for the 4th
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07/02/2009 6:28AM
Block party at my house for the 4th in Folsom! Bands, BBQ, Bounce house and Fireworks! Lots of fun not to be outdone! Just follow the police sirens! They always add to the out of control party atmosphere!
07/02/2009 10:38AM
Shelly Keller
Don't forget hot dogs and sausages--cheap and delicious and tell your friends to bring a side to share. Dogs go with everything--and are So American!!!!!
07/04/2009 6:31AM
michael samaritano
bob i play with crystal image and i was reading a book about the allman bros and they mentioned that before they were famous they had a bob keller join thier band playing bass in florida was that you?i am just curious thanks
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