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201746278_7ca1c765af_mWHAT YOUR BEER SAYS ABOUT YOU


There was a lot of attention paid to the brand of beer chosen by each participant in the White House "Beer Summit" last Thursday ... President Obama had a Bud Light, Vice President Biden had a non-alcoholic Buckler, Professor Henry Gates had a Sam Adams Light, and Sgt. James Crowley had a Blue Moon.


Bud/Bud Light: The everyman

Bud is the beer for guys who like beer. In a relationship, a Bud man is a man's man. He might favor traditional gender roles, but the Bud Man is nothing if not dependable.


Red Stripe: The jet-setter

Instead of drinking beer to drink beer (or simply to get drunk) this guy has a beer because he likes the taste of it. He could just have easily gone for a good scotch, but instead selected this beer. This man is always up for an adventure but may be slightly detached emotionally or easily distracted.


Blue Moon: The trendy guy Blue Moon is the beer guys drink when they think they should grow up and stop drinking Bud. While the Blue Moon man can be into appearances, he still has a good deal of confidence ("Yeah, my beer has an orange slice in it, what of it?") and would be a good partner in a relationship.


Corona: The partier

Corona is a beer for a fun-loving guy. Whether it's Cinco de Mayo or a backyard cookout, the guy with the Corona is probably double-fisting them and having the time of his life. He's also probably a fast and fun lover. Expect a wild time from this guy.


Keystone Light/Natural Light: The college boy

If he's still drinking Keystone Light or Natural Light he's still in a college mentality. And that's fine ... if he's still in college. If not, you might want to wean him onto something else.


Pabst Blue Ribbon: The hipster With PBR making a counter-culture comeback it's easy to pick out the hipster in your midst. A PBR drinker is going to be more sensitive to your needs and want to take time to please you. The down side is he might also be emotionally dependent.


Where does that leave me? I like Schlitz...oh, wait here it is, it says I am so out of it, I should be drinking Olympia. ..how bout you, what's your favorite.??

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08/03/2009 10:51AM
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08/05/2009 6:45PM
..my favorite is the one that puts hairs on my chest..
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