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Bill Graham Presents

 The year 1966 was an exciting time to be coming of age and living in the Bay Area. The Fillmore Auditorium was a big reason for that. As a resident of San Mateo, my friends and I would make that weekend trip up the Peninsula to "The City". The Fillmore auditorium was like a shrine, to us. It was a party, a revelation and a spiritual awakening for young people with hormones and drugs raging through their minds. The Baby Boomers were waking up and the Fillmore Auditorium was the gathering place. Music, culture, social bonding and mind blowing lights were the order. Bill Graham saw that the young hipsters needed a place to trip and he provided one. Complete with psychedelic art posters and liquid light. He would book incredible bands, amazing artists and he would make us all feel safe when we were inside the Fillmore. Deep in the heart of the Fillmore district, the auditorium beckoned with a sense of danger, in a bad neighborhood, very different from the middle class suburbs we came from. A little weed, sometimes something stronger and we were off. 1966 was a great time because the fun we were having wasn't public knowledge. That would start in 1967 with the Monterey Pop Festival and the Summer of Love. In the meantime we were discovering the joys of the free, bohemian, hip lifestyle that would, for me anyway, map my soul for the rest of my life.

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11/01/2010 10:19AM
Bill Graham Presents
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11/09/2010 1:09PM
Just found out I won tickets to the poster show. I arrived a little later on the scene than you ,Bob, Dec. '69 (after attending Woodstock that summer life in Ohio was not the same). My first New Year's Eve in Ca was spent at the Filmore. Miss the excitement and freedom of those days, though I realize life moves on.
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