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Birthday this Saturday?

Some real cool rockers celebrate a birthday with us this Saturday. Right at the top of the list is Keith Richards, born December 18th Dartford England. Keith is still having a great time, playing music, living the dream, touring behind his new autobiography called "Life". He had packed a lot of living in his 67 years. Also celebrating his birthday is Texan Bobby Keyes. Keith says in his book, Bobby was his twin brother born on the same day but half a world away. Bobby and Keith became fast friends, got in lots of trouble together and made some incredible music. It's hard to imagine the Rolling Stones, circa Sticky Fingers, without the soulful sax of Bobby Keyes. Bobby has also played with Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, John Lennon, George Harrison and Harry Nilsson. Another birthday boy is Brian "Chas" Chandler, the original Animals bassist who left the group when they broke up in 1966. On their last US tour, Chas had seen Jimi Hendrix playing at a New York club. He convinced Hendrix to come to Britain and helped put together The Jimi Hendrix Experience for which he became producer and co-manager. Chas died in 1996 at age 57. Finally a happy birthday out to Sam Houston Andrew, who's crazy, almost out of tune guitar, delighted the crowds at the Fillmore and Winterland ballrooms whenever Big Brother and the Holding company would play. Sam was a favorite of Janis Joplin's, and when she split from Big Brother to form the Full Tilt Boogie Band, Sam was the player she took along with her. So if you have a birthday this December 18th, you are in good company. We'll offer you cake, ice cream and of course copious amout of the orange Kool-Aid. This week I recieved a copy of Joel Selvin's book called "SmartAss". Joel covered the SF Music scene for 30 years for the SF Chronicle,  and has some great stories. I will interview him this week and then get it up on our website soon after that. Should be interesting. Well enjoy your week, and meet me here at the pad, we'll commune, we'll love, we'll eat birthday cake. Peace Out. BOBBY KEYES SAXMAN

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12/13/2010 11:18AM
Birthday this Saturday?
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12/13/2010 9:17PM
Gabriel Martinez
Hey bob , just wanted to know if you are going to have anymore tickets for bozz scaggs coming up on your show.I would really like to see him.I've been a fan of his for 30 years & never had a chance to see him live.
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