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Posts from October 2012

CSN...1st Album performed in it's entirety
Crosby Stills and Nash wrapped up their five show run at New York's Beacon Theatre this week. It also ended their current tour, and who knows, maybe it was the last show of an amazing career. The sold out crowd was treated to a performance of their first album, in it's entirety. It came in the second set, without a lot of fanfare, the band launched into "Suite Judy Blue Eyes" and then, steamrolled into Marrakesh Express, Pre-Road Downs, Wooden Ships, Helplessly  Hoping and Long Time Gone...whew. With little or no rehearsing, the material came off flawlessly. I can still see that cover from the first album. According to Henry Diltz the photographer, the musicans are sitting in the wrong order. They are pictured as Nash, Stills, Crosby. When they went back a few days later to re-shoot it, the house and the sofa were gone! The house had been demolished. I love that first album, It came at a great time and brought the singer-songwriter mode back in vogue.
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The Blimp Lands November 19th
They have been called the greatest rock and roll band in history. No, not the Stones, although that would be my choice, we are talking Led Zeppelin here. Check out this video promoting the release of Celebration Day. The reunion of Zeppelin was one of the most highly anticipated events in rock. We will get to experience this one time event on November 19th, when their concert DVD is released.."Celebration Day". Check out this trailer and tell me it doesn't just get your blood boiling. There is only one Led Zeppelin, and here they are!

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