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Disraeli Gears
Another interesting album cover. Very Psychedelic and perfect for the music within. In fact, this iconic album cover was designed by an artist name Martin Sharpe. Martin also helped write some of the lyrics for Tales Of Brave Ulysses. This was Cream's second album, done in New York City in only 3 and a half days. The rush was because the work permits for Eric, Jack and Ginger was to expire in that time. Producing was Felix Pappalardi, the founder of Mountain. Legendary engineer Tom Dowd was working the sound and Label president Ahmet Ertegen was also present.. The album cover was a perfect visual for the trippy music on the record... this is one of my favorite album covers from the Psychedelic era. The title of the LP came about because at some point in the recording process, Eric was talking about his bike, and referenced the 'derailleur' gear..a roadie who walked by named Mick Turner chimed in something about the Disraeli Gear and the band cracked up, and eventually used this as the title. It remains my favorite Cream album. A tremendous pairing of Psychedelic and Blues..
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Blowing In The Wind
It was the Winter of 1963 and Bob Dlyan, his girlfriend Suze Rotolo, and a staff photographer from Columbia records, all trooped out to W.4th street in the villiage and took the picture that would end up on Bob Dylan's 2nd album, "The Freewheelin'" Bob Dylan. The record would contain some of the most powerful social and political statements in American music. Songs like Blowing in the Wind, Masters of War, and Hard Rain's Gonna Fall. Young muscians everywhere were served notice that all the rules of songwriting have changed.  The picture on the album cover shows Bob and Suze, absolutely freezing in a New York January morning. Bob with his threadbare suede coat was cold beyond belief according to Suze in an interview years later. I stared at this picture for hours while listening to some of the most provocative music I had ever heard. "Freewheelin'" was the real coming out party for the bohemian, socially conscious young rebel pre-Beatles. Suze has since passed from cancer, Bob of course is still singing and I'm sure wearing a proper coat in his travels.
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