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Air Guitar

Do we have any air guitar players in the house? No, really, fess up! Like other things, we all do it, we just don't like to admit it. Every jock in the Eagle studio does. I know I see them when I walk by the studio window. Even Kat does, though most women say they don't... I've compiled what I think is the top 5 all time best classic rock air guitar songs. And here they are and why... Jimi Hendrix "Foxy Lady" Pulling off an awesome air guitar performance heavily depends on your source material and this classic not only gives you ample opportunity to do fancy stuff with your hands - like pretending you're a left-handed player, for one - but also to make awesome faces during the bit when the guitar goes all, "widdly-widdly-weeeeaurrggh!" Led Zeppelin "Black Dog" Pretty much anything Jimmy Page touched would work just as well, but the massive riffage on "Black Dog" makes it the most obvious choice from the Zep catalog. Plus, you don't have to wear a shirt... in fact it's better if you don't. AC/DC "Back In Black" Imagine you're a 60-year-old midget in a school boy uniform and in possession of the most explosive riffs in the history of rock and roll - Also it gives you a chance to drop to the stage... your bedroom/office floor... and do that little break dance while playing guitar move Angus is famous for. Ted Nugent "Cat Scratch Fever or Stranglehold" I'm not a fan of Ted's politics, but the guy can shred. This one gives you the chance to pull off Ted's patented move of laying the guitar,,, air guitar across your chest and leaning back as far as possible with falling over backwards. Points deducted if you do, points added for wear a loin cloth! Van Halen "You Really Got Me, with Eruption intro" Do not even attempt this if you can't do a flying scissor kicks or move your fingers at the speed of light. It also gives you a chance to do Eddies famous tapping up the air neck. A unique move in air-guitardom. I'm sure I'm missing some classics, let us know your favorites and why.

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02/18/2009 9:31AM
Air Guitar
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