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Mexican Import

mexico Mexico is such a generous country. Over the years they have given us Killer Bees, Drug crazed gangs, illegal immigrants and now the Swine Flu.Here is a list of some preventitive measures you can take to stay healthy and happy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers tips for preventing the spread of influenza -- both the swine and other varieties. (We've added an interpretive statement alongside each entry. Feel free to add your own.)
Avoid close contact It's time to shower alone
Stay home when you're sick Stay home when everybody else is sick
Cover your mouth and nose Some folks may need to cover more than their mouth and nose
Clean your hands And wash behind your ears
Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth In short, don't pick your nose
Hope these suggestions help..good luck Ole'

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04/27/2009 11:03AM
Mexican Import
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