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Money talk

money1Money has always played a huge role in marriage, and in these shaky economic times, it has become more important than ever before. According to Bethany and Scott Palmer, also known as "The Money Couple," the trouble with money and marriage isn't even the money itself. Instead, it's learning how to talk about your finances -- in other words, "financial intimacy." Some clues that you don't have financial intimacy:
  • You Argue About Money. Some couples believe they're supposed to argue about money -- that it's natural. It's not. There are ways to hash out differences without getting worked up.
  • Talking About Money Makes You Uncomfortable. If talking about money makes you uncomfortable, you're likely to avoid the topic, which can lead to further troubles.
  • You're Resentful of the Way Your Spouse Handles Money. Both people in the relationship need to be committed to the family's financial goals. If you're not, it's only a matter of time before resentment boils over

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05/18/2009 5:39AM
Money talk
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08/29/2009 2:24PM
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