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No More Wedgies!

489759709_6f5147dc8d_mPeople get emotional about certain topics. Politics and religion are the no-brainers. People also get worked up about food and family.   And, for some reason, plenty of people out there have very strong opinions about underwear -- particularly the lack of it. It's as if going commando is a mortal sin.   For many, going commando is a logical choice. Here are some reasons it just makes sense:
  • Money -- Over the course of a lifetime, you save a fortune on underwear. (Especially women.)
  • Time -- It's one less thing to put on every morning.
  • Comfort -- With no underwear on, there's nothing to get bunched up. It's a wedgie-free lifestyle.
  • Swimmer Strength -- Underwear, especially restrictive briefs, have been known to affect men's fertility. Less restriction means stronger little swimmers.

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07/20/2009 6:22AM
No More Wedgies!
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