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Eating & Driving

446461295_b04af9f15d_m1WORST FOODS TO EAT WHILE DRIVING   Just about everyone does something OTHER than drive when they're behind the wheel -- like texting, putting on makeup, talking on the phone. And yes, a lot of people eat while they drive.   Some foods only require one hand to eat, some have a higher spill factor and some are downright dangerous! lists some of the worst foods to eat while driving:   Coffee: It always manages to spill somehow and it's usually HOT. Hot soup: Many people drink it like coffee and it poses the same risks. Tacos: A food that can disassemble itself without help = MESSY! Hamburgers: From the grease to ketchup, mayo or mustard, there's plenty of goop to end up on your hands, clothes, steering wheel, etc. Anything BBQ: The sauce may be yummy, but it will end up on whatever you touch. Fried chicken: Another food that leaves you with greasy hands that can also leave the steering wheel greasy, along with staining your clothes. Jelly doughnuts: Has anyone ever eaten a jelly doughnut without some of the stuff oozing out? Imagine it on your clothes or car seats. Chocolate: As it melts, it gets all over your fingers, leaving its mark anywhere you touch. Try cleaning it off the steering wheel and you could end up swerving. Just Asking ... What are you guilty of eating or drinking in the car? Have you ever had an accident or a near-miss? What's the most dangerous thing you do while behind the wheel?

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07/28/2009 5:57AM
Eating & Driving
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07/29/2009 7:29AM
I once tried to eat a powdered sugar donut while driving a UPS truck. It was so messy I cracked myself up and laughed powdered sugar all over the steering wheel and my brown uniform... what a mess!
07/29/2009 10:02AM
Shelly Keller
In Louisiana (and a few other Southern states) they actually have an "open cup" law--which means you can drink alcohol while driving. Says a lot about their sensibilities--or lack of 'em.
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