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Extra Money

artichokeHey  it seems everybody could use some extra money,  what are you doing, if anything, to generate a little income? Whether you are lucky enough to have a job, or unemployed and looking for one, we all have to come up with ways to bring in the dough. Any ideas? What has worked for you?..One of my favorite ways to raise some quick cash is to go down to Raley's, buy 4 artichokes for a buck and then sell them at the off ramp of the freeway for 50 cents each. That's 100 percent profit right there my friend.  Well good luck, and when you feel the need for an artichoke, I'll be at the intersection of X street and 15th..

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07/30/2009 11:54AM
Extra Money
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07/30/2009 12:00PM
Four artichikes for a dollar...that's a good buy. They must be mini artichokes. Do you offer paper or plastic.
07/30/2009 12:05PM
Four artichokes for a buck…that’s a bargain. Do you ask customers if they want paper or plastic?
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