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Tiger blows my mind

thumbnailI didn't hear Tiger Woods statement live, but I was shocked to read the text! According to the Daily Onion, he said he was totally bored with Rehab, and was going back to Sex...for good! Crazy he would say that in front of his mother. Then he excused himself and went to, as he said, "To Slice Some Off"! geez, what happend to the role model our little kids look up to?  Tiger you blow my mind!

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02/19/2010 7:52AM
Tiger blows my mind
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02/19/2010 9:56AM
By the looks of the photo, he appears to be into the studious librarian look.
03/13/2010 6:00AM
Brian Orr
Is that hair or a kitty curled up snoozing on his head?
07/03/2011 4:59PM
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