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March 20th, Revolution Sat. 7-10

Hey Brothers and Sisters, this Saturday we shall all meet down by the river, or at least somewhere near our radio, cause once again we will flashback to the time when Hippies roamed the earth. The show starts bright and early at 7am with what made the 60's so exciting, musical adventurism. A great jam that features Paul Butterfield, Mike Boomfield and Elvin Bishop...Not to be missed. We shall hear a quick dissertation on hair and what it meant to have lots of it. Donovan will make an appearance just to keep it trippy, and even more trippy will be Kenny Rodgers and the first edition ...surreal!..The Good ol Grateful Dead will make some music we can dance to, and we'll wish Phil Lesh a happy 70th!..Early Pink Floyd will have that bright British sense of humour, a couple from CCR will get us all choogling and David Crosby will explain why the Byrds loved to do Bob Dylan's songs. The Stones will get all revolutionary and Dave Mason will show us why he was one of the best songwriters of the late 60s. Speaking of Creedance, CCR's Doug Cosmo Clifford and Stu Cook are still trying to put out a DVD on their 1970 show at London's Royal Albert Hall. Contractual obligations, and other legal stuff has prohibited this footage to be released. Clifford tells us, "We're the only major band that doesn't have a video..It's really crazy that we don't have something out there". Maybe soon. In other news, Look for three releases from the Doors over the next month. The first two are vinyl editions of Absolutely Live and Live in New York, both of which are newly released. The third is the soundtrack to When Your're Strange" a Film About the Doors...the soundtrack contains narrator Johnny Depp reading several selections of Jim Morrison's poetry, 14 songs from the Doors catalog and interview clips with all four band members.  O.K., I'm gonna get the place ready for this weekend, light the incense, turn on the black light, bake some brownies, stare into the strobe, things like that..see ya at the happening! Check this out. Here is some vintage Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Monterey Pop Festival, 1967. Look how young Elvin Bishop is! I guess we were all that young once.

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03/15/2010 10:36AM
March 20th, Revolution Sat. 7-10
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04/03/2010 2:18PM
Karen Q.
Hey, Accidentally found your show on Saturday mornings.....Whew.... I finally found something I love and look forward to on the radio!!!! Raised in L.A. and lived in Bay area for many years (and many concerts) I didn't think there was any station locally that could or would play what you play on the Revolution show. It's all of the music I love and know, even though I haven't heard some of it for a very long time - still know the words and who wrote it. Brings back many good thoughts about many good times. Most of my really good music is on vinyl. Anyhow, thanks for the totally cool tunes. Karen
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