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April 3rd Revolution....Groovy Man

Dylan and the Band will get us up and grooving first thing this Saturday morning. We'll take a minute out to remember the Band's keyboard player Richard Manuel who would have celebrated his 67th this week. The English gave us progressive rock and those classically trained musicians will get their licks in. We'll get a double shot of Hendrix in on this, the anniversary of his first British tour. We'll talk about photographer Jim Marshall who died two weeks ago, his photos were a remarkable and gave form to our lives in the shape of album covers, posters and magazine articles. Peter Frampton's early band, Humble pie will rock the house, and we will remember the lead singer of the Boxtops, Alex Chilton. I have a Stones song that features only Mick and Keith, the other boys in the band fell asleep and missed the session. Lou Reed will give us a taste of New York rock and roll and Canned Heat will echo the sentiment of so many hipsters of the time, words that still ring true today. Birthdays this week for Eric Clapton, 3 time inductee into the rock and roll hall of fame, John Barata, the drummer who played with the Turtles and CSN. Leon Russell who pretty much was the all around session player of the 60s, and hats off to the late McKinley Morganfield a.k.a. Muddy Waters. This weekend marks the 42nd anniversary of MLK's assasination. We'll also talk about the time when Paul McCartney visited San Francisco and hung out with the Jefferson Airplane. It snowed in SF that day...crazy huh? I'll turn on the black light for you. Just let yourself in around 7am this Saturday morning. Richard Manuel, one of the most soulful dudes on the planet. Happy B'day.R.I.P. Check out who Jim Marshall is. Alex, you died too young man! Leon kicks ass at the George Harrison benefit

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03/29/2010 11:29AM
April 3rd Revolution....Groovy Man
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03/29/2010 1:34PM
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03/31/2010 6:43PM
k tomato
SCREAMIN' LEON VIDEO! Thank you, Bob! You getting this fantastic piece of "vintage" video for us is exemplary of why you are a rock treasure! . . . and we are SO lucky to have you here in Sac Tomato. Looking forward to this Saturday, and as always, I'll be stopping in to the Cafe this Friday. You make my day! - KT
07/12/2010 4:40AM
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