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Pre-Woodsquawk Revolution This Saturday

On you way to Woodsquawk this Saturday, stop by the Revolution. 7-10am. We'll throw out a set of hit singles from the mid 60s, AM radio fodder you know. You will also trip out on a whole long set of music to encourage the Sun to come out, stay out and give us that Summer vibe..bout time don't ya think? A double shot from the Stones fine album Let it Bleed, and a deuce from the boys in the  Zeppelin. Birthday boys John Fogerty and Bob Dylan will be represented with some of thier finest work. In fact, check out Dylan in the video below to catch one of the first ever music videos, except it's actually on film, not video. John Fogerty just recieved an "Icon" award from the music industry, and indeed he is becoming one. Also celebrating a birthday is one of our favorite stoners, Tommy Chong. How can this hipster be 72 years old?! We'll also go back to a certain hotel room in 1966 in London where the Beatles sat around with the only musician they felt was superior to them. High praise indeed. In fact that particular day there was a lot going on elsewhere. We'll talk. We will also be forming a caravan in front of the Head Shop for a trip up to Max Keller's farm. Hey man, your either on the Bus, or your off the Bus. Ken Kesey said that. By the time we got to Woodsquawk, we were half a million strong. HAPPY B'DAY TOMMY KEN KESEY

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05/24/2010 10:27AM
Pre-Woodsquawk Revolution This Saturday
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05/27/2010 2:41PM
what is woodsquawk all about? is there really a concert or is it just a gimmic? im confused and never heard if there is a charge for the event,let me know what this is al about please thank you. robert of lodi
05/28/2010 5:05PM
steve in Maui
Hey, I tried to get plane tickets but the hippies in our little hippy town of Paia took them all so I'm listening on the web over here in Kihei. keep up the great radio work, it will be on all weekend here in Maui, even on my crackberry. Steve in Maui, adedicated Eagle head.
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