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It's a happening thing..this Sat's Revolution

Hey my brothers and sisters, and other assorted family members. I think we have a great show this Saturday AM. Starting with one of the most familiar guitar virtuoso players in the world. A man whose sound defies description. He is an original and he will kick off the show at 7am. We'll talk a bit about Keith Moon, who would have turned 64 this week. Pete will remember him, and we of course will play the Who, at least once. Some interesting Doors triva about a time when they were on Ricky Nelson's A-B-C summer series Malibu U. Suffice it to say it was weird. Cream's beautiful fusion of blues and psychedelc will be in evidence and we will play some later day CCR. That would be their last two albums. Doug Cosmo Clifford's garage was the scene of the Factory and it's where the bands last great album would take place. The Rolling Stones, thanks to the late Brian Jones, used some interesting instruments in their early work. Some of it will absolutely transport you to a higher place. We'll also play something from a band that although not a household name, probably influenced more bands and musicians than any other touring band at the time. From Dave Mason, to Eric Clapton to Leon Russell to John Lennon,  to some of the finest players in the South, Delaney and Bonnie  had something going on.  Also, Canned Heat for the good vibes, Joni Mitchell because we can, and the Kinks on the anniversary of thier biggest song ever. All this music will collide and come together under the tent we call the greatest show on earth. Say You Want a Revolution, our flashback to the 60s and early 70s. The Delaney and Bonnie Road Show.

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08/23/2010 10:38AM
It's a happening thing..this Sat's Revolution
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08/23/2010 3:20PM
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