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Keith Richards Life

I just finished reading Keith Richards autobiography entitled "Life"...all 500 pages of it. I have been a Stones fan my whole life, ever since I first saw them at the San Jose Civic Auditorium back in 1965. I paid 3 dollars for the ticket, worth every penny. That was the first time I remember seeing Keith. Since then his life has been an incredible journey of luck, talent and charm. It's all in his new book. And the book verifies what I've always loved about Keith, and that is his humanity. He is so damn real. It's because he knows who he is. He has nothing really to prove. He is the ultimate rock and roller. His book starts with the childhood years growing up in post WW ll England, learning the blues, hooking up with Mick and the crazy life of being the band leader for the Rolling Stones. Through it all Keith has maintained his self-awareness. He has been off the stuff for 30 years and yet that is what most people remember about Keith. How he is this hopeless drug addled rock casualty. He is far from that. He is super intelligent, modest, well read and a loving man. It's all in his book. And what's more, on a recent stop on the book tour, he mentioned that the Stones are not quite ready yet to throw in the towel. Below is an hour with Keith interviewed by Anthony De Curtiss, the rock journalist. It was filmed at the New York Public Library. Tickets were sold to this event and they sold out in 42 seconds! We love our Keith. check out the interview and by all means, get his book "Life". May he live for a long time.

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11/17/2010 11:00AM
Keith Richards Life
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11/18/2010 2:33PM
Daniel Schlafer
I also read the book and found it to much better than I had anticipated ! You neglected to mention aome of the more juicy tidbits from the actual manuscript , not the hype ? His whacks at Phil Specter , Chuck Berry , and saxophonist Bobby Keys were hilarious ! His love of Ronni Specter seemed real . The book wrote about a Mick Jagger that was much different than the press hype ? I am sorry he lost his son . I can see why Charlie Watts took out a court injunction protecting his privacy ! I would recomnend to anyone from the same generation as Mr Keller and I .
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