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What's happening to Ted?

I was one of the early supporters of the Radio Voiced Homeless man named Ted Williams. I thought he found redemption, I respected his God Given voice and his struggle on the streets. Then fame hit, like only the internet can do, and he had a second chance. He became a media celebrity. That's when I started thinking things could go bad. Since his rise to fame, his reuniting with his Mother and his children, Ted has hit a few snags. I expressed my concern regarding the media chewing him up and spitting him out. I saw him both as a winner and a victim. Now it seems his troubles still persist. After appearing on every show on TV, he landed on Dr. Phil's show and thankfully got some good advice. His family says he still drinks, Dr. Phil told him to seek re-hab and get all this behind him. Silly me, I thought he would clean up, get a job, be successful and move on. The monkey that has been on his back all these years is still there. The problems that sent him to the street are still there. I still believe in Ted, and if people who really care about his life give him good advice, he can really get clean. It's all right there for you Ted. Hopefully Ted will pass with flying colors. Good Luck.

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01/12/2011 11:37AM
What's happening to Ted?
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01/20/2011 7:46AM
Rich Ficker
Thanks for sharing this story Bob. I have been following it since it broke. I'm cheering and praying for Ted. I've been sober for almost 2 years and I can relate to his plight.
02/01/2011 4:59AM
What an awesome post Mr Keller. I felt the heart & emotion as it was poured into this article. Let us continue the support for Ted and others so we may have more success stories much like our Brother here "Rich Ficker" Stay strong Rich, for we are cheering because of your accomplishments already made and those to come.
02/17/2011 10:50AM
Great post! We're pulling for Ted in GV!
02/22/2011 12:03AM
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