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Cartoon Man Eric Decitas

There is a man who walks among us here in Sacramento who's talents as a cartoonist, have carried his art around the world, and has entertained us more than we care to admit. His name is Eric Decites and this week he has a showing of his original drawings at Gallery 2110 on K Street. Eric has been published in countless magazines, has a line of postcards that are hysterical, and continues to draw new work everyday from his home here in Sacramento. His work sells into the millions of dollars every year, and still Eric gets up and goes to work everyday at his job with the State. Eric's most iconic work is the one that really put him on the map, and I'm sure you have seen it. A rather fat ass woman is putting up a poster for her lost dog. All the while the dog is actually caught in her butt cheeks, apparently she sat on it and didn't know it. It's this really offbeat, often politically incorrect approach that attracts countless  sickies, like myself, that love Eric's work. He is on the edge, much like Gary Larson but further out. I first met Eric when he introduced himself to me as I was walking around the neighborhood, he lives about 2 blocks away. He said he was a big fan of the Cafe Rock and he drew some characters that he saw in his head when he listened to the show. I was amazed when he took me to his studio and showed them to me. This was 25 years ago. Those drawings hang in the hall at the Eagle radio station. Eric did something I never thought possible, he gave form and shape to these people that live in my mind. And he did it hilariously. Check out his work at the Gallery sometime over the next month. It's called Gallerly 2110 at 2110K Street. I will be down there tomorrow and shoot some video, you'll see how cool Eric's art is, and maybe we'll get lucky and run into him. Stay tuned.

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02/09/2011 10:45AM
Cartoon Man Eric Decitas
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02/14/2011 8:02AM
Delbert Smith
Hey Bob, Just reaching out to let you know that I am a large fan of your station. I found it by listening to Mark and Brian in the morning. I am from Sacramento born and raised and enjoy listening to Rock and Roll so you station is very cool. (Classic Rock) is what I'm all about. I don't know if this will get to you soon but I would like to request Maggie May for my wife on Valentine's day. ;-)
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