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A Huge Honor

You might ask yourself from time to time, what are those California Legislators working on? Are they fixing the financial mess, the infrastructure, creating jobs maybe?..Well it turns out that this week they were Honoring Me!!. I guess they are all caught up on their regular work, so they took time out, and the President pro Tempore of the Senate, Senator Darrell Steinberg signed California Senate Resolution #509. Basically it states my accomplishments in radio, here in my 30th year as a radio personality in Sacramento. Wow, this is so cool, and probabley one of the biggest things to ever happen to me. I am first and foremost a Californian. I can say that after having lived in most other parts of the country. I was born in SF and happen to think this is truly a blessed place on earth. Certainly the natural beauty but also the fresh way people think and always a forward momentum. The world looks to California, the left coast. So to get an award from the California State Senate means a lot to me. I have been lucky. I work for a great station, the Eagle. The people I work for and with are all smart, fun, and great to be with every single day. My Program Director Curtiss Johnson encourges me everyday. So I am a happy guy. This might be my last year, I worked in Radio 12 years before arriving here in Sacto. Either way, I am hanging this Resolution right above the cash register at the Cafe Rock. Thank you all for your support all these years. Sincerely Bob Keller

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04/07/2011 9:52AM
A Huge Honor
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04/15/2011 9:54AM
Emily M. Benton
Congrats Old Man River!! :) I'm trying to send you an email but my Network is runnin a lil slow... Let's talk about Commercial Appreciation Day 2011 at Elk Grove. More to come...
04/25/2011 8:10PM
Timothy P. Blair
Hey Bob, I just wanted to wish you a HAPPY 30th ANNIVERSARY and congratulate you on this well deserved award! I moved to Nothern California from Southern Cali. in 1979 and a year later discovered you on KZAP. I remember hearing the Cafe Rock back soon after and one sunny day my friends and I actually drove into Sacramento one day looking for it because you had The Eagles performing there! It was during the noon hour, but I am sure it was 4:20 somewhere!! LOL I was an instant fan and have continued to enjoy your show for lo these 30 years. I especially enjoy hearing the tales of the poor newbies driving up and down Hwy. 50 looking for Max Keller's farm and can't help but laugh with empathy. But to be fair, at least the artists I was trying to find back in the day were still alive!! LOL Thanks for keeping us entertained, and educated all these years. You never fail to make me laugh and learn everyday and I do appreciate all your hard work Bob. I hope you will continue to entertain us for many years to come! Congatulations again on you thirty years and this well deserved award. Peace Timo, the "grateful dude".
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