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Grace Slick goes to the White House

This weekend marks the anniversary of an interesting intersection of events. The Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick gets an invitation in the mail April 1970. It's from Richard Nixon's daughter Tricia. It says it would love to have Grace attend an upcoming party at the White House. Apparently Tricia just loved the Jefferson Airplane, which is pretty funny because the band's whole attitude was one of Revolution and anarchy. So Grace of course excepts the invitation and shows up at the main gate of the White House with her escort...Abbie Hoffman. Abbie was in the news those days as one of the Chicago Eight. He was being tried in Chicago for conspiring to riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention..Needless to say Grace and Abbie were denied entrance to the party. They both left and got high at some D.C. watering hole. I have to wonder "what was Tricia Nixon thinking!?..probabley like most kids back in those days, just wanted to piss off her Dad. Let's keep that spirit alive this weekend. Saturday morning we will launch another trip down the paisley path of righteousness. From the Animals to the Stones we have a good one for you this weekend. See you at the Revolution.

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04/18/2011 10:17AM
Grace Slick goes to the White House
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06/24/2011 4:45AM
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07/23/2011 10:38AM
From a Grace Slick interview... What happened at the White House in the early '70s? Tricia Nixon went to the same New York girls' finishing school [Finch College, now defunct] that I did, but 10 years later. When I attended, my maiden name was Wing. Tricia invited all the graduates, including me, to a White House tea party. Her people didn't know that Grace Wing was Grace Slick [her first husband was Jerry Slick]. So I called Abbie Hoffman and said, "Guess where we're going." I had planned to spike Richard Nixon's tea with acid. But when Abbie and I were on line, a security guard wouldn't let me in. He said, "We checked and you're a security risk."
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