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Traveling with the Stones...memories from 30 years on Sacramento radio.

One of the greatest things about working in radio, is the opportunity to do stuff most people wouldn't even think of. It's like sitting in the front seat when you were a kid. Wow, look at all the cool stuff! In my 30 years of Sacramento Radio, I have been fortunate to do a lot of great things. Like throwing out the first pitch at a Giants game, flying in a B-17, traveling to Austria to ski the alps, Flying to NYC for the Grammies and meeting and interviewing everybody. So many things come to mind. But the biggest of them all, was traveling to Denmark to meet the Rolling Stones. Then on to Moscow to see them play their first ever show in the Soviet Union. That part never happened. That's another story. We left Sacramento one sunny summer morning in 1989. It was me, my wife Shelly, my trusty Engineer Kent Randles and his beautiful wife Patti. We landed in Toronto a few hours later and checked into the Hotel where a dozen other radio personalities were already checked in. The plan was to fly out the next day to Copenhagen, check out the Stones concert, meet them, then go on with them to Russia. Traveling with a dozen of the top radio personalities was to say the least fun as hell and we all really enjoyed each others antics. Copenhagen is a really cool city. Hip, clean and always something  historic to check out. A couple of hours before we were to see the Stones play at a nearby soccer stadium, we had an outdoor bbq a few blocks from the venue. Budweiser who sponsored this entire junket, had set up a tent, grills, lots of Bud and plenty of food. About half way through the pre-concert picnic, 2 old beat up VW vans pull up. The doors fly open and out walk Mick, Keith, Charlie, Ronnie and Bill Wymann. They bounced into the area like kids, like the Beatles when they were running around in Hard Days Night, just animated and of good will. We spent a while with them, ate, drank and had a great time. Keith talked to me and I became kind of freaked out. I just sort of froze. He walked away thinking "this guy is on the radio?"..we walked the 4 blocks to the stadium, which was actually pretty small. As you walked up there were people outside selling shots for a buck a pop. Sure why not? Inside were people from all over Europe. Flags from everywhere, colorful, international..it seemed so right. The show was during the Steel Wheels tours. Over in Europe they called it the Urban Jungle tour. It was mindblowing. Meanwhile Budweiser is sending over 32 oz. Beers, 6 at a time...whew. One of the best nights of my life. To this day, it remains the best concert I ever went to. It was a complete night of perfection. Next time I'll tell you about the rest of the trip into Russia. 30 years and so much to share. Cheers, Bob Keller

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06/16/2011 10:37AM
Traveling with the Stones...memories from 30 years on Sacramento radio.
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06/17/2011 5:41AM
I remember when you went on that trip...do you really want to go down memory lane on the Russia side of it?
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