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Rolling with the Stones pt. to Moscow

More memories from the last 30 years in Sac. Radio. Picking it up from the last blog, I was in Copenhagen with a bunch of radio personalities from around the country. Oh yeah, we were following the Stones on their European tour. The next stop was Moscow and after seeing the band play a killer show the night before in Copenhagen, we got on an Aeroflat jet that was actually held together with tape and wire. With much trepedation I boarded with our party and headed to the former Soviet Union. To see the Stones!. We landed on Communist soil, was inspected and stood around till somebody bribed the security gaurd with a pack of Marlboros. Then it was off to the 2nd best hotel in Moscow, which was a real dump. It was going to be worth it though, we would see the Stones play their first ever show in Russia. Except the Stones weren't coming. They changed their minds at the last minute, leaving a bunch of crazed radio d.j.s in the hands of the Soviet ministry. Everybody tried to put a happy face on the situation, Budwieser, our sponsor, took everybody out on tours and to see a local hard rock band. While the band was playing, somebody drove up a truck and stole 100 cases of Bud from the premesis. Corruption is the key word in this world. Everybody was on the take and taking what they could. Things were bad in Russia then. Did I mention that everyday of this "paid" junket, I did a radio show? I broadcast live from our first stop in Toronto, several days in Copenhagen and every day for 4 days in Moscow. What a trip. I did interviews with locals, including a kid who was fishing in a park. He was about 7 and said that the U.S. was a "bad" place. I tried to explain the whole fishead thing but our translator could not quite make that leap. I won't lie, this trip exhausted me. I was the only d.j. of all of them to do my show everyday. Kent my engineer and I managed to send back, on really old equipment, a show to Sacramento. It was kind of cool cause when I got back to town, people who heard the show would bring up things they heard on the radio. Did I mention that I kissed the ground when I got back to the U.S.A.? It was worth it. It was one of the most awsome radio experiences of my 42 year career. Me and the Stones..still going. bk

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06/22/2011 10:39AM
Rolling with the Stones pt. to Moscow
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07/30/2011 7:46AM
Scot Ward
Bob,this was when you were at KZAP,I believe.If I remember correctly you had a contest where any listener who could figure out 10 quick Stones songs snippets they were put in a drawing for a trip to Germany,there were 11 possible winners,I was put in the drawing 2 out of 11 and felt pretty good,because I wanted to go with you.I was not picked,I was bummed.Hopefully,next years 50th anniversary tour will have a snippet contest.It was fun,Ialso miss the trivia questions about rock bands as well.I don't win as much anymore!Anyway,you are the best in Sacramento history,keep up the great work!Don't retire anytime soon,do what the Stones have done,go forever.Thanks Scot
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