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The Great Yolo Basin

The other day I was traveling across the Yolo Causeway, as I have a thousand times before, but this time I was a passenger and my wife Shelly was doing the driving. That left me free to really drink in the beauty of the Vic Fazio Yolo Wildlife Area. What a treasure this 16,000 acres is, and how rare that an eco-system can be so fully restored. Thanks to a lot of people, especially congressman Vic Fazio, this wetlands is one of the most beautiful in the country. It's home to 200 specis of birds, reptiles, and all kinds of foraging mammals. Getting lost in the scenery as we were driving along, I felt I was miles away from a big city, let alone traveling on one of the busiest roads in America.  It took a lot of co-operation from many people to do this project. Starting with Vic Fazio who introduced the bill to protect this land, the Ducks Unlimited people, many water agencies and of course environmental groups. President Clinton dedicated this remarkable area in November 1997. Much of this 25 square mile slice of paradise is open to the public. It's managed by the California Department of Fish and Game. You can reach them, if they answer, by calling 1-530-757-2461. They have organised tours for those who wish to learn about the area. We are so lucky to have this preserve right across the street from us. With all the rain this year, it's really lush and the weather is perfect. Experience it.

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08/04/2011 10:08AM
The Great Yolo Basin
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08/20/2011 4:36AM
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