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The Art of Protest

I am happy to see that a segment of our population feels strong enought about the economic unjust in this country to take to the streets. There should have been a lot more of this in the last 10 years, especially as it applies to the useless wars we are mired in. In the 60s it was not uncommon for 100,000 people to march to Washington D.C. and voice their displeasure about the war, or civil rights. Today we have occupy Wall Street. Small in numbers but getting to the root of the crime...Wall Street. I wish them luck and plan to take my money out of the large bank and put it in my local Credit Union. As this conflict plays out, it will become increasingly clear that the powerful will stop at nothing, and I mean nothing , to hang onto the wealth. And they will be more than happy to wage war and kill countless innocents to make a buck. Greed is the real terrorist in this country. So good luck Occupiers of Wall Street. Here I have put together a few songs from the 60s that helped fuel the Revolution back then. Turn, Turn, Turn. ..written by Pete Seger, I like the Byrds version Blowing in The Wind...Bob Dylan The Universal Soldier...Donovan With God On Our Side...Bob Dylan Give Peace A Chance...John Lennon Most of these are anti-war songs, but Wall Street and War have been doing business together for decades. So hum along and Peace Out.

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10/19/2011 9:47AM
The Art of Protest
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10/19/2011 9:56AM
Lee Harvey
Amen, brother Keller. Enough is enough. People are sick of being screwed over.
10/20/2011 9:42AM
Shelly Keller
I love a man who is smart, funny, honest and liberal!!!!
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