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God Bless America...(the band)

Dan Peek, one of the founding members of America, passed away on Sunday at the age of 60.  I have to admit....America is one of my "guilty pleasures."--especially their early stuff, which had a Neil Young feel to it. Like Horse with No Name...Ventura Highway...Sister Golden Hair.  Or deeper tracks like Sandman.   OK,  Muskrat Love--not so much.   Peek left the band in 1977, and became a born-again Christian, & was a pioneer in the Christian rock musical genre.  Dan is survived by the other 2 members of America, Dewey Bunnell & Gerry Beckley. Excuse me, while I ponder the philosophical implications of ..."Oz never gave nothin to the Tin Man...that he didn't already have."

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07/26/2011 8:43AM
God Bless America...(the band)
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07/26/2011 8:57AM
Lee Harvey
Sandman would sound good on The Eagle. It rocks just enough.
07/27/2011 6:52PM
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