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Are you Mental?

Simon Baker, the star of the TV show The Mentalist, just signed a new contract extension that will pay him $ 30 million.  Whoa!...I admit, I'm a casual fan of the series, because 1)Simon plays a character very much like a modern day Sherlock Holmes & 2)the show is set in Sacramento.   It's cool seeing your hometown on the TV screen, and there ARE occasional shots of Old Sac (where the "CBI" office is supposedly located).  But most of  The Mentalist is actually  filmed in LA...and quite often, the locations referred to on the screen are fictional town names.  However, there WAS an episode that had a scene that  referred to  Citrus Heights.  I perked up as I saw that....and then thought, "Oh really? I didn't realize there are MOUNTAINS in Citrus Heights!"  There goes Hollywood again..changing reality for the sake of a TV show...
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