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"Rock" Island Line

For whatever reason...several rockers are into model railroading. Neil Young was a part owner of Lionel Trains, and holds several patents for model railroad devices.  And Rod Stewart has 1500 sq ft of track laid out in his Beverly Hills home, with a 1940's New York theme.  The model skyscrapers are 5 ft tall.  Reportedly, on tour, Rod has a large table set up in his dressing room so he can work on his model buildings.  No word on whether he makes the model train go in & out of the miniature tunnel.....
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Class Reunion

A young Charlie T (top, far right)..Class of '74, Overton HS, Memphis, TN.  No time for senioritis..I had TOO many books to read. Hair & muttonchop sideburns inspired by Skynyrd..who I saw in concert (ORIGINAL line-up) a month after graduation.  --Listen this Sunday 10 a - 9 p for the Eagle's Class Reunion special. No embarrassing photos, just some great tunes from each year.  Who wants to go streakin'?!?
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Chasing Windmills....?

Yesterday (4/19) police arrested a man on the I Street Bridge after witnesses reported he had been swinging a sword at passing trains.  When police arrived, he scrambled up the bridge..high above the Sacramento River..only coming down after officers threatened to tase him. He tossed the 3 and a half foot long sword into the river...and surrendered.  Delusional...or...a modern day Don Quixote?  You decide....
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