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Cigarettes Out The Window?

Ok, if you're like me and you hate it when you see people throw lit cigarettes out their cars windows? Ugh! Well, I have some advice for you because I've always thought, well, what can I do? Can I pull up and honk behind them or make some kind of noise? Let them know that I 'm angry at them? The flip side of that is, what if the person who threw the lit cigarette out the window moonlights as an axe murderer? What then? Well recently, I had Captain Christian Pebbles of the Sac Metro Fire District in for an interview, and he's a long time friend, so I asked him, "Christian - what do you do about these morons who throw lit cigarettes out the window?" Do I confront them? Do I flash my lights at them? Cuz it makes me nuts, and you're a firefighter so I'll go with what you say." well not only is Christian a firefighter, he's also a really reasonable person. Hsaid, "Kat - I do my best to make sure that I don't cause fires. I make sure to pick up my own litter and put it in garbage cans. Really, that's the best you can do - sweep your own porch and leave the other people alone." So, fellow haters of people who throw lit cigarettes out the window, Captain Pebbles says we should do our part. Plus, secretly I think he also believes in the "moonlighting as an axe murderer" scenario, so there you go.

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02/18/2009 5:50AM
Cigarettes Out The Window?
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