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Our Buddy Walt Gray Stops By Our Video Room

waltgray-200x150KCRA 3 anchorman Walt Gray is a buddy of mine and Eagle Assistant Program Director Brian Lopez. If you could only hear some of the completely inappropriate remarks we make about people. Usually sports figures, sometimes at each other. It's guy talk. I know, we're stupid. Brian and I moonlight on our sister station ESPN 1320, and Walt frequently calls in to call our opinions insane, whether he actually believes it or not. We thought we would exact revenge by feeding Walt a really bad breakfast and making him come down to our 700 degree video room. We talk about many things. Enjoy.

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09/29/2009 12:05PM
Our Buddy Walt Gray Stops By Our Video Room
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09/29/2009 10:51PM
Craig Walling
Watched Walt when he first came to 3 as a sportscaster,and recall him mentioning his east coast roots and his father being a politician,but don't recall if he was local,state or federally elected.Could you reply as to his dad's political history?
11/07/2009 9:35PM
I wrote a similar article on this subject but you nailed it here.
03/04/2010 11:47PM
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Its just sometimes people seem to get themselves tied up in unnecessary knots over something that
03/14/2010 8:25PM
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04/05/2010 12:12AM
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