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Leno and Conan Update-Conan Would Start at Midnight

jay-leno-and-conan-obrien-200x150Everybody was going bananas today, and rightfully so, when they heard that Jay Leno is probably getting his 11:35pm Tonight Show slot back. Well, what does that mean for Conan O'Brien? Is he done? Are they moving him back to 12:35am? According to early reports, it looks like Leno will get his old slot, but only get a half an hour. Conan would then take over for a full hour at 12:05am, then Jimmy Fallon would follow. NBC claims this isn't a firm plan, just something they are considering. Let's hope they realize just how terrible Jay Leno is in the next couple of months.

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01/07/2010 2:04PM
Leno and Conan Update-Conan Would Start at Midnight
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01/07/2010 2:30PM
Conan sucks b***s! Leno Rules!!
01/07/2010 7:30PM
I hate Jay Leno... but there needs to be a correction. Is this suppose to say 12:35PM... "Are they moving him back to 12:35pm?"
01/08/2010 4:03AM
Derek Moore
You're right Matt. Thanks, I made the change.
01/23/2010 4:30PM
I love Conan! So sad to see him go - he's a true class act and the best host that the Tonight Show ever had. He will be missed. Don't ever change, Conan! We love you!
01/26/2010 8:46PM
Here's a graphic comparison of Leno vs Conan through the years (1992-2010).
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