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Is Watching the Winter Games Delayed Really a Bad Thing?

lindayvonn-200x150I keep hearing about people shouting from the rooftops about NBC's Olympic coverage. They say, "Why can't we watch Lindsey Vonn win the gold live?" "What about seeing Shawn White?" Sure, I suppose NBC could run it live on MSNBC during the day and then run highlights in primetime, but have you noticed? NBC's ratings are HUGE! You know why? Because we have to wait to see it in primetime! Most of us are busy during the day! NBC doesn't beat American Idol by accident. They win because we hear that Lindsey Vonn won the gold at 2pm, then decide to tune in that night to watch how she did it. Trust me, if she placed 10th, no one would be tuning in at 8pm. It's the fact that we have to wait, and want to see that incredible move by Shawn White that makes the difference. Vonn's night last night had a 22 share, which is unheard of in any sport. NBC, love it or hate it, is doing it right.

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02/18/2010 6:46AM
Is Watching the Winter Games Delayed Really a Bad Thing?
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