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Classic Rocker Fashion

In watching the Grammies the other night... I know, a shocking confession... I couldn't help but notice at what a low ebb we are in our music performers fashion sense. Come on hoodies, baggie jeans and an occasional gold lame' dress. Not exactly ground breaking. I may be prejudice, but gimme some of our classic rockers and 40 years on, they still just look cool. Here's a few classic rocker looks that come to mind... David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust, The Thin White Duke, the Aladdin Sane. From androgynous skins suits, bright, spiky orange hair to finely tailored silk suits, Bowie always looked... well, it was just hard to notice the guy. The Beatles: From leather clad scruffs, the collarless suits to the psychedelic Sgt Pepper jackets. The Beatles fashion sense and music changed the world. Did you see Coldplay and the Grammies? 40 years later, need I say more. Led Zeppelin: Jimmy Pages, silk dragon suits? Plants, ripped, hip hugging bell bottoms and bare mid-drift blouses... yes, they were blouses! Plant could pull it off, you and I couldn't ... especially now. But Plant epitomized the looks of sexy rock god for decades to come. The Stones: Hey Johnny Depp channeled Keith Richards for his Capt Jack sparrow look in Pirates of the Caribbean, but it wasn't just the rock and roll pirate come to pillage your village look that made the made the Stones. It was the rooster cut hair, the leathers... even football pants on Mick's scrawny butt that just made them look like bad, bad boys. Many tried but the Stones just pulled it off. There are so many more... Roger Daltrey's flying fringe jacket, Townshend's, Clock Work Orange car mechanic gone bad coveralls. ZZ Tops outrageously long beards and Grand Ole Opry on acid suits. David Lee Roth's pink striped spandex... yes, I'm sure he had help in the cod piece area, but don't tell my girl friend at the time that... Eddies, geometric stripes... Let's not forget the Clash, street gang, gone military look, Billy Idols... yadda, yadda, the list goes on and on. Let us know your favorite classic rock fashion looks and why. feedback@Eagle 9 6 9 dot com...

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02/18/2009 9:28AM
Classic Rocker Fashion
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