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Could the Beatles get any higher?

The week of April 4th, 1964. What's on the radio? top 40. Who's on the radio? No one but the Beatles. In an incredible feat, that has never been repeated, the Beatles owned the top 5 songs on the record charts. Top 5 all by the Beatles! Add to that 7 more singles scattered throughout the top 100 and you get an idea of what Beatlmania was in this country. The top 5 songs? 1. Can't buy me love 2. Twist and Shout 3. She loves you 4. I want to hold your hand and 5. Please Please me. That about sums up the state of radio and music in the Winter and Spring of 1964. The Beatles. Sadly just 6 years from that date, almost to the day, The Beatles split up. McCartney distributes his own "self-interview" along with review copies of his solo album. Paul cites "business and music differences, but most of all it's because I have a better time with my family". He concluded, "I don't foresee a time wthen the Lennon and McCartney partnership will be active again in songwriting". And thus ended one of the most stunning music events in the history of modern times. Something that would never be repeated. Maybe now is a good time to just say "Thanks" to the Beatles for the highwater mark that left it's mark on a generation. And then generations afterward. Of course there will be Beatles on this Saturday's show, Abbey Road, their last and one of their best. We salute a few birthday people like Spencer Dryden. He was the drummer for the Jefferson Airplane when it really mattered..For the Surrealistic Pillow album. Some early Fleetwood Mac will remind us why this band has been so good for so long. Just a few of the "hits" we will inhale this Saturday morning on "Say You Want A Revolution" 7-10am. Peace out. Feb. 1964, It begins.

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04/04/2011 9:56AM
Could the Beatles get any higher?
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06/08/2011 9:33AM
Carl Anthony Sole
totally agree with you. being a huge Beatles fan myself they may not around anymore as a band but always live on with us the FANS..! and we still do have Ringo and Paul out there still doing there own thing what they do best ... MUSIC & ENTERTAINING US THE FANS !!! LOVE & PEACE / TO YOU GUYS.... !!
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