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Daniel Day Lewis Method Acting Taken Too Far?




Lincoln is out now, which I still haven't seen. In fact, I've managed to not see any of the good movies this holiday season, from Argo to Hitchcock. Here comes the too busy excuse again. However, after hearing more and more about Lincoln, including from our very own Tom Nakashima (who loved it) I may have to make it happen. 
What really makes me want to see it, are these reports from his cast on the film. We all know Day-Lewis is one of the best actors out there today. However, he is a method actor. If his character peed the bed every night for a year, then guess what he's doing to stay in character? 
Reports have him being Lincoln day and night after shooting, and also being addressed as such at all times. Even Spielberg had to do it. Hey, it works for Sean Penn. 
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