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Changes to The Eagle Club

As one of our elite loyal club point participants, we wanted to make sure you were FIRST to know that the Eagle Club will be changing soon. We are bringing you a new and improved club, which is going to be even easier to use.  

Why are we making these changes?  

* Feedback we've received shows that our members are most interested in winning great prizes, as well as getting exclusive rewards and access to information before the general public - without having to earn, track and spend points.
Redeeming Your Points:

* Because we appreciate all the time and effort you have spent in earning points with our current club, we wanted to give you plenty of time to spend them on all the prizes we are offering now.  

* Points can be spent on a various range of rewards, prizes, Eagle Club swag, and much more at   Be sure to act NOW and get your best choice of prizes!

* After September 2, 2014, your rewards points are no longer valid, but don't worry - we'll be announcing new contests and promotions for members only in the near future.

Key Dates to be aware of:

* If you enter a sweepstakes that expires after September 4, 2014, you will still be eligible to win that prize and will receive a winning notice as usual.

*Please note that effective 7/17/14, the ability to earn points via the The Eagle's streaming player will also end.

Thank you for your loyalty and participation in the The Eagle Club program.

If you have questions, you can visit our customer care page for the most commonly asked questions.  If you still have questions after reviewing that page you can contact our promotions director, and we will be happy to help.

Thank you!
Bryan Fox, promotions director,
or (916) 334-7777.
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Get Ready For Another Great Budweiser Commercial During the Big Game

Budweiser and Clydesdales go hand in hand during the Super Bowl, and this year won't disappointment. These ads have became some of the highest rated every year by audiences, and now we get another great commercial early. This time it involves a puppy and a Clydesdale. Good luck not getting emotional over this one. Another home run by Budweiser for sure. Watch it below.

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