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Early Action on Superbrawl...

brawl200There’s more “action” on the Superbrawl than ever, and you can view some early gamesmanship here. I guarantee some tough matchups in Round One… and you guessed it… I hereby install Led Zeppelin as the odds-on favorite again this year.  Of course, your votes will decide who survives and who goes home.  I’ll post the “latest line” on Monday…. Opening day of Superbrawl 2010, as we get closer to naming  the Greatest Classic Rock Act in the Known World…..

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01/19/2010 11:30AM
Early Action on Superbrawl...
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01/19/2010 2:58PM
Brian Lopez
If there's any justice in the world, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers will reign supreme. They're RUNNING DOWN A DREAM!
03/18/2011 12:52PM
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