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Eternal Happiness?

A New York woman who purchased a McDonalds Happy Meal six months ago says the uneaten burger and fries are in as good shape as they were the day she bought them.The claim, backed up by a seemingly indestructible Happy Meal sitting in artist-photographer Sally Davies' Manhattan apartment, has amazed people around the world. The burger has been featured on television shows and become the subject of intense speculation as people wonder how fast food can apparently show barely a trace of age after six months on a plate. On April 10th Davies bought one hamburger and  began photographing it. “It smelled for one day, and it stopped," she said. The burger has shrunken a little, but is mold-free and visually the same as one delivered in one of McDonald's famous boxes. As Daives says, there is no odor. Her two dogs walk past without showing the slightest interest. The Happy Meal's endurance has puzzled and worried many, wondering whether food lasting so long can be healthy. McDonalds declined an interview request, but said in a statement that "menu items are freshly prepared in our restaurants.”

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10/18/2010 4:40AM
Eternal Happiness?
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