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Fancy Fiddle

A Stradivarius violin built in 1721 sold this week at auction for almost $ 16 million. The violin--which has rarely been played--is called "Lady Blunt"...which sounds like it would be perfect to play a hemp-friendly song like, say, "Mary Jane's Last Dance."  Lady Blunt had been owned by a Japanese music foundation, who decided to sell the instrument, and use the proceeds for tsunami relief in Japan.   Now, I don't play fiddle, but have fiddled around  on a guitar for the last 42 some odd years...so I appreciate the value of a fine instrument, and know that they are indeed works of art.  BUT....for 16 mil ??   --I'd rather buy a coupla REALLY nice guitars, and then have $$ left over to buy sumpin' else--maybe my own small island in the South Pacific, for example.       --photo by dumbledad's photostream--

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06/21/2011 12:09PM
Fancy Fiddle
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10/06/2011 3:13AM
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