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Happy Birthday Ringo

Ringo Starr turned 71 this week. Ringo, I can see him now sitting behind those drums, keeping perfect time to some of the best pop tunes of my generation. I was one of those people who initially felt Ringo just wasn't a very good drummer and was not in the same league as the other band members. His playing seemed so simple and understated, not very exciting, pretty predicable, etc. Now that I look back on it however, he was exactly right for that band. Ringo, though not fancy, was one of the best drummers on the English scene when John and Paul put the Beatles together. They wanted him originally but settled for Pete Best because Ringo was working with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes at the time.  I go back now and watch the Beatles, and Ringo is the anchor that keeps the thing rocking. He locks into that mersey beat and the rest of the band can just take off. Ringo Starr always seemed pleasant to me, smiling, flashing the peace sign and was a positive force throughout the break-up of the Beatles. Ringo would add a whimsical touch to the songs he sang lead on, like Act Naturally, Yellow Submarine and With a Little Help From My Friends. His solo work included Photograph, It Don't Come Easy and a remake of You're 16. Ringo has acted in movies and played the miniature Station Master on the PBS series Shining Time Station. Since 1989 he has led his annual All Starr Band tours with other alumni of  poplular 60's and 70's groups. Ringo, for a little guy with a big nose and a big heart, we send you our best this Birthday. Many more and thanks for keeping it fun. Peace Out

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07/05/2011 10:32AM
Happy Birthday Ringo
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07/18/2011 7:27AM
Brian W.
Hi Bob, I am a daily listener and have a few suggestions for a 'lunch hour'. How about some Poco, Dave Edmunds, early Stones (like The Rolling Stones Now album, great cuts on this), Dylan, Joan Jett. There is a lot of repitition on all of the shows. Your Sat. 60's is an awesome show. Also, how about some of the original Steve Miller, with Boz Scaqqs, like, The Sailor album (my favorite of all Steve's recording), Brave New World etc. John Mayall? Thanks and keep the good music spinning. Brian in Roseville
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