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Hello September, let's flashback!

Join me this Saturday for a musical romp through the smoke rings of your mind. We shall start right at 7am with a long opus that is a testiment to the creative power of one of Steve Winwood's early bands. He had many, but it was Traffic that had that incredible blend of rock, blues, jazz and folk music. Somehow it all worked. The band Jethro Tull tackled some rather weird subjects in their music. It immediately set them apart from everyone. Starting with a lead singer and front man who didn't play guitar, and wrote songs, not about cars, or girls, or drugs or being free, or getting harrased by the man or any of that. Instead the band's songs were more about the dregs of forgotten, downtrodden people. The poor and twisted, right out of a Dicken's novel. Canned Heat will do a tribute to Wilbert Harrison with a song that was the mantra of the revolution. This week marks the passing of Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson. He was the founding memeber, singer and harp player with the Heat.  In fact we shall take a look at a day in the life of the Revolution, September 4th 1970. Dlyan sings a song to and about either Joan Baez or Edie Sedgwick or possible someone we don't even know. Mysterious. Clapton will team up with his old bandleader John Mayall, The Animals will show us why they were the second biggest band out of England in 1965, and of course the Beatles, with only 2 songs, will put the entire revolution in it's proper perspective. Steve Miller was writing great songs at the end of the 60s, we shall hear one of my personal favorites, do you have one? Let me know. I'll fire up the incense, and whatever else is appropriate this weekend. Join me in a love fest, a happening, a trip, a gathering of the tribes, right here this Saturday the 4th. I'll be waiting behind the beaded curtain. The 2nd most important band out of England in 1964 Steve Miller with one of my all time favorites

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08/30/2010 10:29AM
Hello September, let's flashback!
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08/31/2010 1:36PM
Ken Horner
I saw your animals blog Don't let me down. You know we don't hear enough of that rock sound produced by Eric Burton and The Animals. In fact, I had all I could do to find their tunes on Pandora. When I got Heard some that's about all they played. Want to give it a go?
08/31/2010 1:40PM
Ken Horner
I was at the Thank-a-Bration Sun Aug 9th at Logan's Roadhouse. Any word on the pictures they were going to email to us?
09/01/2010 8:43AM
James Stokes
Bob,love all these songs. Thanks
07/19/2011 7:45PM
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