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High on the Job?

48267762_07cfc29028_t1Smoking weed while trying to do anything "productive" doesn't make sense. The two just don't mix. If you're a lawyer, airline pilot or brain surgeon, you probably need all your brain cells to get the job done. But for many of us with far less intense jobs, pot might actually HELP you do your job. Here are some jobs where weed actually improves your job performance: 1. Video Editor -- After watching hours of the same video footage thousands of times, weed calms you down and lets you see things through fresh eyes. The smoke delivers clarity. 2. Phone Company Customer Service Representative -- We can only absorb so much punishment. If it's your job to listen to people complain all day about the bad service they're getting, being high will definitely help take the edge off. 3. Artist -- Smoking marijuana might as well be a prerequisite for this job. Getting high opens up your creative mind in ways that sober thinking never can. 4. Rock D.J....oh yeah.
  • Do you have such a miserable job right now that the only way to get through it is to stay drunk or high?
  • Have you ever been busted for being drunk or high on the job? How did that go down? Were you fired on the spot? Or... Were you able to talk your way out of trouble?

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09/22/2009 11:22AM
High on the Job?
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09/22/2009 11:30AM
Randy Nichols
I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work :)
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