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Hot August Revolution....this Saturday

It's usually around the middle of August I start thinking about the Woodstock Festival. I am still amazed by the scope of it. The spirit of those kids through 3 days of Hell and Rock and Roll. Just a passing thought, but I tip my hat to those who were in attendance, and having a great sense of the moment while it was happening. They talk about the Woodstock Nation and indeed it was. There is something empowering about being in the mix, with hundreds of thousands of people experiencing the same high. Well, that thought is gone, now what? ..this Saturday at the Revolution, we'll start with a song Steve Winwood wrote and the big band Chicago took and turned it into one of the fine jams we expect from the late 60's. How bout some Pink Floyd from the earlyBarrett days, Syd was the man who really gave Pink Floyd their name , Rodger Waters will have a word to say about this subject. CSNY defined a genre of music that was part singer-songwriter and part rock and roller. The infulences were many but all came from a place that lent itself to some amazing harmonies. We will experience that just the way we did before, I believe that's called Deja Vu. Paul McCartney was done being a Beatle in 1970, whether he wanted to be or not. His first solo album proved he had a lot of great music left and he knew how to put it all together. He knew the studio, he wrote the material and played all the instruments. It was a simple, homemade little project that had some wonderful music on it. It was right around this time, 1970, that Elton John was performing in L.A. in front of the biggest record lable moguls in town. His reputation preceeded him and expectations were high. Elton ripped through a stunning set of original material, he had fire, he had it all. I'll play a tune that pretty much clinced the deal for him, he never looked back after that. Also around that same time, 1970, Dave Mason was off on his solo career after leaving Traffic. Another amazing song from his early days will be featured this Saturday. O.K. that's the deal, keep feeding each other, o.k. you two, keep nursing each other. Be Free. Elton, is it a wig or real?

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08/16/2010 10:29AM
Hot August Revolution....this Saturday
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