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I Do?

marriageMarriage is a big deal in America. It's constantly talked about and analyzed. It's entered into with HUGE fanfare. It shapes the way our entire society functions.   But according to Andrew J. Cherlin, author of The Marriage-Go-Round, Americans marry, cohabitate, and switch partners more than other Western societies, despite the fact they place more value on the institution of marriage than other societies do.   Cherlin also points out that marriage for many is a STATED GOAL. People (especially women?) set out on a quest to settle down and get married. In that case, marriage isn't really romantic. It's just a relief. (Whew! I found someone ... or ... Whew! I fooled someone into marrying me.) How bout you..did you feel pressured to get married?

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05/04/2009 11:37AM
I Do?
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05/07/2009 2:09AM
Ken Berling
Marriage is like a 3 ring circus...first comes the engagement ring...then comes the wedding ring....and then the suffer-ring....just kidding honey....I have been in love with the same woman for 20 years...if my wife finds out she's gonna divorce me......old jokes....and so am I.
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